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The ARRO brand of civil engineering is rooted in our love of our profession, our dedication to our clients, and our desire to improve the environment and the communities we serve.
Leak Detection

Utilizing state-of-the-art sonic detection equipment, ARRO’s professional staff can assist organizations in detecting leaks in their water distribution system.

We employ two different types of leak detection equipment. The first deploys a portable transducer that helps locate the general area of the leak. This is then followed by the use of a Leak Noise Correlator, which uses wireless radio transmitters to calculate the distance from where the strongest sound is found.

Using both systems in concert provides the most accurate location for owners to identify leaks within their system. Having the ability to pinpoint a water leak allows for increased system performance, helps reduce production costs, and lowers the systems unaccounted for water loss percentage which is scrutinized by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (PA DEP). Because of the highly portable nature of the equipment, large system surveys can be done with relative ease depending on environmental conditions.

Leak detection in both municipal and privately owned water distribution systems is becoming increasingly more important, as many facility owners are faced with ever-increasing age on their pipelines. As a result of this aging, leaks undoubtedly contribute to unaccounted water losses and increased operating costs.

ARRO assists with leak detection services by deploying acoustic leak detection equipment as well as computer correlation to assist facility owners with analyzing their distribution systems for physical loss taking place with their distribution system. When deployed, this technology can provide the system owner with useful information to make the best choices on prioritizing repairs needed.

Leak Detection Services