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The ARRO brand of civil engineering is rooted in our love of our profession, our dedication to our clients, and our desire to improve the environment and the communities we serve.

​As community planning continues to gain importance on both a social and regulatory level, ARRO has developed the staffing knowledge and enthusiasm to complete a wide variety of planning and land use initiatives.

ARRO’s planning staff has the in-depth experience and broad understanding to take a conceptual idea, conduct extensive background research, evaluate all feasible alternatives, and provide meaningful recommendations to serve the current and future needs of the community.

Extensive community participation is the cornerstone of ARRO’s planning process. We are committed to working with you and your shareholders to make your community a premier place to live, work, and cherish for generations to come.

Experience You Can Count On

The quality of ARRO’s planning services is the result of a team with decades of experience working with diverse communities that comprise urban, suburban, and rural landscapes. Successful projects range from securing grant monies or putting adopted plans into practice with enforceable ordinances.

Planning Services