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Municipal MS4 Compliance

Various Municipalities in PA & MD
Development and implementation assistance of MS4 programs for municipalities.

Long before Pa DEP implemented its Municipal Separate Storm Sewer Systems (MS4) Program, ARRO assisted its municipal clients in addressing their stormwater problems. ARRO has provided site evaluations, remedial designs, green infrastructure projects, floodplain and stormwater ordinance creation and revisions, and reviewed countless stormwater reports with land development plans.

ARRO developed several MS4 programs for municipalities and continues, in various capacities, to assist with MS4 Program compliance.

  • MCM 1: Establish a Public Education and Outreach Program with the focus on connecting local waterway impairment(s) to target audience group(s) and developing long-term goals and short-term objectives for the MS4 Program.
  • MCM 2: Create a Public Involvement and Participation Program that reaches the municipal target audience group(s) and provides a means for public outreach and an evaluation of those efforts.
  • MCM 3: Develop an Illicit Discharge, Detection, and Elimination Program to address inspections, reporting and sampling associated with illicit discharges in the municipality.  A significant portion of this program revolves around the municipality’s stormwater water conveyance system (storm sewer and surface features such as swales) therefore a system map is created and functions as a tool for addressing system maintenance as well as emergency discharge situations.
  • MCM 4: If not already in place, assist with establishing a Memorandum of Understanding with the local conservation district. Define additional procedures for the municipality to ensure compliance with 25 Pa Code Chapter 102, related to erosion and sediment control.
  • MCM 5: Define procedures and a tracking mechanism for post constructions Best Management Practices.
  • MCM 6: Develop standard operating procedures for all municipal properties and activities.

ARRO is currently consulting on MS4 compliance for municipal clients across seven counties in PA and two counties in MD, and is responsible for preparing:

  • MS4 permit applications
  • Annual compliance reports
  • Outfall inventories
  • Post-construction stormwater facility screenings
  • Outfall maps
  • Storm sewer maps
  • Monitoring compliance requirements
  • Developing standard operating procedures
  • Training staff and municipal officials
  • Aiding with public involvement and participation programs
  • Preparation of Total Maximum Load (TMDL) compliance plans

Some of ARRO’s MS4 Clients Include:

  • Berks County
    • Ontelaunee Township
  • Chester County
    • East Coventry Township
    • East Whiteland Township
    • Easttown Township
    • Parkesburg Borough
    • New Garden Township
    • Caln Township
  • Lancaster County
    • Marietta Borough
    • Mount Joy Borough
    • New Holland Borough
    • Leacock Township
  • Lehigh County
    • Upper Saucon Township
    • Slatington Borough
  • Schuylkill County
    • Kline Township
  • State of Maryland
    • Town of Myersville
    • Town of Indian Head