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The ARRO brand of civil engineering is rooted in our love of our profession, our dedication to our clients, and our desire to improve the environment and the communities we serve.
Contract Operations

ARRO offers a number of contract operations services and solutions that are economical, practical, and flexible for wastewater and water facilities. We provide owners with the confidence that their facility is being properly operated in accordance with regulatory requirements, valuable equipment is properly operated and maintained, and costly downtime is being reduced or eliminated.

Contract Management – Trust the professionals at ARRO to fill top management responsibilities and manage the day to day activities of your facility. This allows our client to retain responsibility for all operations personnel, equipment, and liabilities. Contract management services can be provided to assist a client for a brief period of time to allow the client time to consider how to best proceed for the long term. Another option is for ARRO to simply provide a part-time manager to establish the procedures and policies for the treatment facility.

Operations Consulting – ARRO will often be contracted to provide a qualified and licensed staff to assist in the operation and maintenance of treatment facilities. This covers a broad spectrum of services, including trouble-shooting, training, part-time operation, backup operation if the operator is unavailable (sick, vacation, etc.), and even staffing. These services are often provided on an hourly or part-time basis, dependent on the client’s needs. The client still retains responsibility for all other expenses and aspects of the operations and maintenance of the facilities.

Contract Operations – Contract operations of wastewater and water facilities is a responsible answer to escalating costs and regulatory compliance issues that surround the operations and maintenance of treatment facilities. Simply stated, contract operations are an alternative where the client retains ARRO for operations and maintenance responsibilities.