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Myersville MS4 Stormsewer GPS

Myersville, Frederick County, MD
The Town of Myersville, MD
Data collection and map updates for aging storm sewer map.

ARRO was contracted by the Town of Myersville, Maryland to do an onsite acquisition of GPS data and attributes of municipal, private, and MDOT storm sewer assets to complete and add attribute data to the municipality’s aging storm sewer map.

Areas of the municipality were surveyed for attribute data that was not on the current map. Data was collected for location and attribute of stormwater assets such as manholes, storm inlets, BMPs, swales, culverts, and other means of stormwater conveyance.

A wall map was created with the data provided from the municipal and the onsite collection. This enables the Town of Myersville to have an accurate map of the storm sewer assets within the municipal boundary.