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Village of Intercourse Mobility Project

Village of Intercourse, Leacock Township, Lancaster County, PA
Leacock Township
Research, development, and submission of PennDOT Smart Growth Transportation Program grant application

According to the 2010 US Census, the population of Intercourse, PA was 1,274, and had grown by 46.4% since the last census in 2000. Tens of thousands of tourists visit the Village every year, and with the current population growth trend, permanent residents of Intercourse are also steadily increasing. The blossoming tourism industry introduces a clear need for additional infrastructure for the safety and security of those who travel in Intercourse Village.

Intercourse is a walkable mixed-use village. Its main thoroughfare, unfortunately, is dangerously outdated. All modes of traffic are relatively uncontrolled. As a tourist destination, Intercourse sees its fair share of large tour buses on its busy streets, while little access to public transportation exists within the Village. Pedestrian safety and general walkability are compromised due to few sidewalks, and the existing sidewalks do not connect, and are in poor condition. ADA accessibility is very poor, which will become increasingly important for residents of the new 55+ residential development, Watson Run, as well as the disabled visitors who come to Intercourse. This impediment to walkability prevents people from choosing greener and healthier modes of transportation, and prevents potential business for local stores that would benefit from exposure from pedestrian traffic.

The improvements included in the Intercourse Village Mobility Project will breathe new life into Intercourse. Improved safety measures and connectivity would encourage visibility and promotion of development for the village of Intercourse. Not only would traffic improvements contribute to the preservation of a high quality of life in the Village, but would also encourage pedestrian-oriented development, the use of alternate transportation, and development of land by private and public entities within the designated growth boundary.

Intercourse is already a thriving mixed-use community where a combination of commercial, professional, recreational and residential uses are connected by multiple modes of transportation. This project will make improvements (including ADA compliant sidewalks, bus stops, traffic signals, and lane changes) to accommodate people of all ages and abilities on foot, public transportation, emergency vehicles, buggies, bicycles, scooters, tourism buses, and cars more effectively and efficiently.

ARRO’s grant specialist identified a funding source and completed the grant application on behalf of Leacock Township, which received $1.4 million of the $1.7 million requested. The Village of Intercourse will be transformed through a combination of vehicle and pedestrian corrections, including traffic calming features along PA 772 and PA 340, new bus shelters, crosswalks, pushbuttons, signal poles, improved sidewalks and ADA compliant curbing, and lane direction changes. To achieve the intended results, this project requires site preparation, erosion and sediment controls, stormwater improvements, repair and replacement of concrete sidewalks, ramps, and curbs, pavement markings, grading, and plantings.

Once this project is completed, it will sustain itself financially. Leacock Township staff, as a part of regular job duties, will monitor the ongoing condition of improvements.

Local support stems from the recognition that this project will calm traffic, ease congestion, preserve historic landmarks such as the original National Bank of Intercourse building, add exposure for local businesses, raise awareness of Intercourse history, encourage further residential and commercial development within the growth boundary, conserve energy, promote healthier transportation, preserve valuable open space, promote the growing agritourism industry, and implement a sustainable design concept. Leacock Township leadership cites the potential for safer and more efficient traffic flow, and the chain reaction of benefits that effect will have on both the permanent residents and visitors of Intercourse. Leacock Township officials are committed to bringing this vision of a safer, more livable Intercourse to life.