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Upper Uwchlan Township Municipal Authority Administrator

Upper Uwchlan Township, Chester County, PA
Upper Uwchlan Township Municipal Authority
Municipal Authority Administrator

In 2006, Upper Uwchlan Township was in a unique position: its fledgling Municipal Authority was taking on several new projects, and they were in need of an Authority Administrator. With ARRO already serving Upper Uwchlan’s Township Engineering needs, ARRO project manager Matt Brown, was a natural choice for temporary Municipal Authority Operator. With his many years of institutional knowledge of wastewater engineering guiding the Authority, Upper Uwchlan Township Municipal Authority has flourished. This temporary position has lasted 15 years and counting. In that time, Mr. Brown has prompted funding research and grant applications, overseen minimal sewer rate increases, and allowed for Upper Uwchlan Township to serve its communities efficiently and effectively.

ARRO retains a number of specialists in the wastewater engineering field who are certified as Operators. Our Operators are available for municipalities and municipal authorities in need of an industry professional whose skill set includes:

  • Approving and supervising all capital improvements
  • Permitting and compliance with state and Federal regulations
  • Communicating and issuing regulations governing its sanitary sewer systems
  • Ensuring safe and reliable sanitary sewer operations
  • Operating multiple regional and community sewer systems
  • Sewer rate establishment
  • Budgeting and finances in cooperation with municipal Treasurer
  • Addressing customer complaints
  • Interfacing with municipal Public Works employees on emergent repairs
  • Working in cooperation with Authority Solicitor to address developers, consent orders
  • Negotiating with developers for sewer connections, fee establishment