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Toxic Release Inventory Reporting

Multiple Locations in PA & SC
A Tank Manufacturing Company
For confidentiality purposes, the facility’s name has been excluded and no images are available.

ARRO was awarded a contract to complete annual reports regarding chemical releases and waste management activities for a Tank Manufacturing Company at two different facility locations in Pennsylvania and South Carolina. The company designs, fabricates, and constructs welded steel tanks. Annually, ARRO performs Toxic Release Inventory (TRI) Reporting for both facilities.

As part of the reports, ARRO calculates production-related waste managed and recycled off site and prepares numerous TRI Form R reports regarding various chemicals. A release is defined as any chemical that is emitted into the air, water, or disposed of through land disposal. These forms are required by the Federal Environmental Protection Agency under Section 313 Emergency Planning and Community Right to know Act (40 CFR Part 355).

The goal of TRI reports is to provide communities with information about toxic chemical releases and waste management activities to ensure that the surrounding area is safe, to support informed decisions at all levels by industry, government, and the public, ultimately ensuring the long-term economic and environmental health of the community.

ARRO utilizes its extensive knowledge and expertise in the area of regulatory reporting to navigate the complex array of regulations and reporting forms that are required. Completing such reports is increasingly more difficult given the ever-changing nature of manufacturing as well as continuous updates to the regulations. ARRO’s expertise is needed to make sure all data is up-to-date and accurately reflects all activities at a site in a given year.

The reports allow the Tank Manufacturing Company to meet all applicable regulatory standards, ensuring that the company can continue normal operations on an annual basis.