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John F. Martin WWTP

Womelsdorf, Berks County, PA
John F. Martin & Sons
ARRO began the project with a feasibility study, including a full examination of which processes and equipment would be necessary to meet both the needs of the client and environmental standards, as well as a cost analysis. A detailed plan for the facility was then drawn up. During construction, ARRO provided management services and observed the work of all involved contractors and subcontractors. A fully environmentally-compliant facility was completed in 2017 after negotiations with the local sewer authority were conducted by ARRO.

John F. Martin & Sons contracted with ARRO to conduct a feasibility study, after being required to reduce loadings to the Womelsdorf Borough wastewater treatment plant. In February 2015, ARRO administered a study to develop pre-treatment options for their processing facility. ARRO began by sampling to develop current and future loadings, flows, and effluent requirements. The engineers also examined pre-treatment alternatives, including sequencing batch reactor (SBR) technology, lagoon treatment, and an extended aeration process. Finally, the study addressed capital costs and long-term operational requirements for each option. With constructability time in mind, ARRO paid particular attention to the “curb appeal” of the final project, since the facility would be bordered by two major roadways. Engineers also focused on digestion capacity, since the sludge was to be land applied for reuse.

Following review with John F. Martin & Sons and the local sewer authority, ARRO began designing the 0.050 MGD pretreatment plant in May 2015.  A detailed plan was developed, which included calculations, drawings, and specifications for modifications to the existing grease traps. ARRO design responsibilities also included a new pump station, an equalization basin, two SBR treatment trains, two aerobic digestion tanks, and a new control building.  Additionally, stormwater mitigation, tie-ins to the existing electrical and water systems, connection to an existing generator, and connection to an existing alarm system were included in the design of the pretreatment plant.

The project was bid in December 2015 and awarded in January 2016, and ARRO provided construction management for this project. Development and management of contracts, tracking shop drawing submittals, submittal and substitution reviews, RFI responses, monthly progress meetings, and pay application reviews were all in the scope of ARRO’s work for John F. Martin & Sons. A part-time project representative was delegated to observe and document the contractor and subcontractor work on a regular basis throughout the process.

During the design and construction period, ARRO negotiated and worked with the local sewer authority on behalf of John F. Martin. We successfully developed reasonable discharge limits and revised the initially proposed sewer agreement.

Construction of the facility was completed in June 2017 and was immediately in compliance with all effluent limits.