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Guest Farm Village Sewer Authority Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrade

Mercersburg, Franklin County, PA
Guest Farm Village Sewer Authority
Evaluation of existing facilities, and research, preparation, development, and submission of PA DEP PASWS Program grant application.

ARRO regularly completes applications for funding water, stormwater, and wastewater projects for our clients. In this case, the Guest Farm Village Sewer Authority requested that ARRO procure funding for much-needed wastewater treatment plant upgrades. Located in Montgomery Township, Franklin County, the Guest Farm Village Sewer Authority operates a wastewater treatment plant serving 54 residential connections with potential of up to 300 residential connections. The treatment plant was privately owned and fell into disrepair. This resulted in compliance failures, and the PA DEP required that it be taken over by the local Municipality. Consequently, the Authority was formed to operate and maintain the facility.

In 2017, the Authority contracted ARRO to perform an evaluation of the existing facility, identifying needs and recommendations for repairs and improvements. With only 54 residential connections, funding for operation and maintenance of the facility had proven to be a burden. Due to the age, poor conditions and design of the treatment plant, the required effluent quality could not be met, resulting in the WWTP receiving notice of violations from the PA DEP. Necessary improvements included replacement of aging equipment and provision of automated monitoring and controls system, designed for increased efficiency and to allow the treatment plant’s operator additional flexibility for compliance. Equipment replacements included blowers, air lift pumps, carbon feed system, mixers, chlorine feed system, tertiary filter media, and process piping.

ARRO’s client managers, in conjunction with our resident grant specialist, recognized the potential for funding this project through the PA Small Water and Sewer Program, and subsequently applied on the Authority’s behalf. The proposed improvements were estimated to cost $476,800, of which the Authority received $405,280. Our Grant Services team is now working to supplement that amount, but with 85% of the total project cost funded, Guest Farm Village Sewer Authority can complete virtually all urgent upgrades.

Funding this project has allowed the Authority to protect public safety and downstream waterways, provide for the needs of the existing community, and allow for continued development.