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East Earl Interim Township Manager Services

East Earl Township, Lancaster County, PA
After a significant disruption to the daily operations of East Earl Township, the municipality was in need of assistance. East Earl engaged the services of ARRO when they hired Terry Kauffman to provide interim management services.

ARRO is proud to know that many of our employees are actively involved in their communities as elected officials. Terry Kauffman is one such ARRO team member.

After having had two Township Managers in two years, East Earl Township needed to stabilize and plan for the future. Terry Kauffman was selected by the Board to step into an Interim Township Manager position in April 2018. From then until December 2019, Mr. Kauffman fulfilled all the responsibilities which befall a township manager, as well as overseeing the process of selecting a new permanent manager.

Under Mr. Kauffman’s leadership, East Earl Township addressed DEP compliance issues with MS4 measures by bringing in ARRO’s stormwater expert Mark Harman, P.G., MS4-SCP. As a result, we developed East Earl’s five-year MS4 plan, which was then approved by DEP. During Mr. Kauffman’s time as Interim Manager, he worked to stabilize the township finances by successfully seeking outside funding in cooperation with ARRO’s Grant Specialist.

After an initial search for a Township Manager candidate, the Board of Supervisors notified Mr. Kauffman that a local candidate would be most appropriate for the management of East Earl. By autumn of 2019, ARRO had found a highly-qualified local candidate, and Justin Sauder subsequently assumed leadership of the Township.

Since Mr. Sauder has taken the helm at East Earl, Terry Kauffman has remained active in daily functions by providing Manager Support Services on a weekly basis. As a result, the Township has seen increasing trust in the Township’s public officials, stabilization of Township finances, many new projects begun and new plans developed in order to make a brighter future for the residents of East Earl.