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Borough of Spring Grove Code Enforcement System

Spring Grove Borough, York County, PA
ARRO leveraged the Borough’s existing ArcGIS account to build a code enforcement system.

The Borough of Spring Grove in York County, PA wanted to streamline Borough code enforcement without having to invest in another expensive piece of software with additional annual licensing costs. ARRO was able to leverage the Borough’s existing ArcGIS account to build a sophisticated, automated, and easy-to-manage code enforcement system.


  • Exponential Cost and Time Savings
  • Elimination and Reduction of Routine Tasks
  • Reduction of Paper Documents
  • Customize Report Production to Fit Borough Codes
  • Integration of County Parcel Data
  • Ability to Collect/View Data Live
  • No Additional GIS Licensing Required

Utilizing smart forms, a live database driven dashboard, and a custom report creation tool, the Borough is able to efficiently carry out code enforcement without having to perform any manual data transfer across platforms. Management is able to track inspections via the dashboard, prioritizing enforcement based upon collected field data and assign tasks to staff as needed. ARRO built a tool that allows staff to produce a series of documents including code violation letters, code violation reports, and monthly activity summaries without having to copy or manually transfer data. Using this tool, staff was able to reduce time spent on document production on a week-to-week basis by up to 99%. The Borough and ARRO plan to expand this project framework to other Borough activities and services for internal as well as public use.