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Project Spotlight: Park Expansion

When it comes to presenting designed project plans, showing is so much more exciting than just telling, don’t you agree?

ARRO’s 3D renderings provide a realistic and immersive representation of plans – in this case, the expansion and development of Memorial Park in Taneytown, MD.

With this enhanced visualization, the City of Taneytown is provided a true “look and feel” of our vision of the many wonderful things planned for this space.

In general, 3D renderings provide our clients:
> ACCURATE SPATIAL UNDERSTANDING that can enable better planning and optimization of various elements such as pathways, amenities, green spaces, and recreational areas. Clients are provided with ideas of flow, accessibility, and functionality of designs before construction begins.

> REALISTIC MATERIAL AND LIGHTING REPRESENTATION, which helps clients evaluate the aesthetics, color schemes, and ambiance of proposed developments, enabling them to make informed decisions about the selection of materials and lighting techniques to achieve the desired atmosphere.

> ENVIRONMENTAL CONSIDERATIONS, which in the City of Taneytown’s case, can simulate the park’s integration with the surrounding environment (such as with trees, and in many other cases, water). This enables better assessment of the environmental impact such as drainage and ecological preservation, and helps in creating sustainable and ecologically friendly designs.

We’d love to tell (AND SHOW) you more – for more information on how the advantages of 3D rendering can work for your project, contact