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ARRO Employee Spotlight: Brooke Leister

Welcome to our inaugural Employee Spotlight!

This regular feature will acquaint you with both an ARRO team member,
and a nonprofit in which they support.

Our first spotlight falls on Brooke Leister, a Scientist II for ARRO Consulting, who works in our Birdsboro office.

Where did you grow up?
I grew up in Morgantown, PA, with my parents and younger brother. We were pretty tight knit, and my parents definitely had an influence on my love of the outdoors.

I was lucky to have a backyard that was all wooded. I spent most weekends there exploring with my brother, whether it was playing in the creek, or digging up rocks looking for salamanders.

Where did you go to school? What did you study?
Kutztown University, where I earned a B.S. in Environmental Science with a concentration in Biology.

What brought you to ARRO?
I worked in Reading’s wastewater plant and had some experience with environmental consulting, so ARRO was a good fit to combine my previous experiences.

A nonprofit which you’ve supported for ten years is Rock Hollow Woods Environmental Learning Center. Can you share a few details on what they do?
Rock Hollow Woods is a 60+ acre nonprofit learning center whose mission is to provide children with outdoor opportunities to discover and learn about the natural world, and empower them to protect their environment.

What do you do there?
I help with activities, and serve on the Development Committee. Typically, when volunteering for day activities, I’ll assist children (and sometimes parents) with creek exploration, nature-inspired writing prompts, crafts, and educational games.

What led you to support Rock Hollow?
The organization was started by one of my grade school teachers. I attended a camp she hosted there (before it became Rock Hollow Woods) the summer after she taught me in fifth grade.

The property is like a magical, fairy haven, and I feel that all kids should have access to explore and get to know their environment. I get joy from being there, and feel strongly about their mission of bringing environmental awareness to the younger generations.

ARRO is excited to support their mission with a donation. What are a few ways monetary donations are used at Rock Hollow?
Rock Hollow is entirely nonprofit, so any donations go right back into the programs. Sometimes money is used for supplies or scholarships for summer camps. They have recently been making an effort to provide scholarships to kids in more urban areas.

Also, the township is asking the organization to install an addition to their driveway, since the entrance is currently on a sharp curve off the road. (When cars get backed up dropping off/picking up kids, it is creating a safety issue.) This is a large expense that we had fundraised for over the summer, but needed upgrades to the property and educational buildings are always popping up, and they take precedence. So yes, every bit of help given to this very special place will be used wisely, and be greatly appreciated!

Learn more about Rock Hollow Woods and how you can support them at