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Drone ON!

ARRO’s use of drone technology has greatly pushed the limits of what we can deliver to many of our clients, as well as how we can deliver it.

Just a few examples of these deliverables include:

  • Stormwater management facility inspections
  • Post storm conditions
  • 3-D site renderings (for both overhead and 360-degree views)
  • Project site conditions for pre and post work analysis
  • Documentation of “hard to reach” locations (stormwater and wastewater infrastructure inspections, water tower and roof surveys, transportation corridors, etc.)
  • Utilization of captured data into maps, plans, and other project deliverables

In the video below, Andrew Tuleya (GIS Manager/Analyst V) and Collin Fox (Scientist II) explained the many advantages of this service, and how it truly stretches the limits of what we can provide our clients.