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Horse-Shoe Trail Conservancy GIS

Dauphin, Lancaster, Lebanon, Berks, and Chester County
The Horse-Shoe Trail Conservancy
GIS Data Management and Mapping Services

The Horse-Shoe Trail Conservancy is a non-profit organization that has stewardship over a 140-mile-long trial that runs from The Appalachian Trail in Dauphin County to Valley Forge National Park.

Managing features such as trail boundaries, reroutes, adjacent parcels, and parking facilities requires a stable, user-friendly, and integrated solution. ARRO helps HSTC manage a series of databases, map documents, and web-based GIS applications that make big data management over a large area easy, seamless, and efficient. ARRO assists the HSTC with obtaining reduced costs based on their non-profit status, updating parcel data from counties adjacent to the trail, and training their hard working and dedicated staff to use GIS based tools to efficiently manage their data in the most efficient way. Starting in 2020, ARRO will enable the HSTC to provide a secure, cloud-based trail map for member patrons. These members will also be equipped with a GIS based form that allows them to communicate questions and/or concerns regarding the trail directly with management. Once submitted, this information is integrated with the HSTC’s GIS based trial management dashboard and is tracked and addressed by staff.